Does any stores in the Memphis Tn or Southaven Ms area have Meyer Lemons in stock?

I need them for a pie!

  • Posted by: Karen
  • November 23, 2015


Karen August 6, 2017
I found some at Walmart ! A total surprise and the
Meyer Lemon Shaker pie was a huge hit!
Thank you everyone!!!
Bevi November 23, 2015
My Costco region has Meyer Lemons (New England). If you have a Costco near you, it might be worth a try.
Karen November 23, 2015
You are a lifesaver!! Thank you so much!! This means so much!!
My brother in law almost died a few months ago and this is his
Most favorite thing in the world to eat, Meyer Lemon Pie!
We are so thankful to have him with us at Thanksgiving this year, I just wanted to make sure he got his favorite food !! Thank you and
May you have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving !!
Amanda S. November 23, 2015
Yay! I am sure it will be delicious!
Amanda S. November 23, 2015
I'm looking into this for you, Karen!
Karen November 23, 2015
Thank you!!!
Karen November 23, 2015
Would Whole Foods, Kroger's or Sam's club maybe ?
( just a few stores in my area , if that helps any!)
Amanda S. November 23, 2015
The Fresh Market in Eastgate Shopping Center has them! It's on White Station Road and their # is (901) 682-3434. Good luck!
Caroline L. November 23, 2015
i'm not sure about the stores, but here's some ideas for how to substitute for meyer lemons if you can't find any (but i hope you can!):
Karen November 23, 2015
Thank you! I will keep this link in case I can't find them!!
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