Softening marzipan

The marzipan I had left from last year has hardened to the point that I can’t use it in cookies. Any ideas on how to soften it?

  • Posted by: Maedl
  • November 24, 2015


alp.aker November 24, 2015
Marzipan becomes hard when the sugar in it crystallizes, so you should be able to soften it the same way you'd soften rocky lumps of brown sugar (heat and moisture and physically breaking it up). There's a good chance the oils in it have become rancid, though, so don't be surprised if it has an off flavor.
Maedl November 24, 2015
Thanks for the idea. It’s worth giving it a try because this is the real stuff without any additives. If it tastes off, then I’ll chalk it up to having bought too much.
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