Nesco Roasting

I saw a method where you spread your dressing in the bottom of a pan and place a cut up Turkey on the dressing so the dressing soaks up the Turkey juice while cooking.....I really like the idea of cutting up the Turkey, but I dont want to use up my oven space as I usually do it in the Nesco.....Could this method be done in the Nesco?

Lynn Gudmanson


Lynn G. November 24, 2015
Ya...Not what I wanted to do, but it may be the only way.....I was thinking if all else fails, I would start the turkey, take it out after a while with its juices and then put the stuffing on the bottom and put the turkey back on the top.....Is that what you were saying?
Lindsay-Jean H. November 24, 2015
Yup, that was my thought. Good luck!
Lindsay-Jean H. November 24, 2015
Nesco's website has a recipe for cooking a stuffed turkey (, so I don't know why it wouldn't work to cook the two in layers. Good luck!
Lynn G. November 24, 2015
My concern is the dressing in the bottom of the Nesco pan, worried it would burn before the Turkey would be done
Lindsay-Jean H. November 24, 2015
Oh yes, for some reason I was thinking of Michael Ruhlman's Roast/Braise Method ( and was thinking that you were starting with the turkey roasted, and then finishing it in pieces over the stuffing, not starting with raw turkey pieces, in which case I agree, I think you would end up with over-cooked dressing. Could you start the turkey in the Nesco and then add in the dressing (moving the turkey pieces to the top) part-way through?
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