I picked up some Lemon Pickle from a store today. It is made in Egypt by Tazah. Is this the same as preserved lemon? Ingred lemon water, salt, safflower, Black caraway. We are obsessed with the Morrocan Carrot salad winning recipe on food52,com



nutcakes January 14, 2011
I think the Egyptian lemon pickle is too floral, and maybe bitter, for me. I preferred my cobbled up mess of a fresh salted lemon, it was definately sweeter and brighter. It does work, though.
innoabrd January 13, 2011
it should work, but to my experience (I lived in Egypt for six years) the Egyptian pickled lemons tend to be more bitter than the others.
susan G. January 10, 2011
You led me to the recipe, and for once I did have all the ingredients... The dominant taste is the harissa as you eat, but the lemon is what lingers. What did you decide?
susan G. January 10, 2011
This doesn't sound right to me! Sounds delicious, but not the same as preserved lemons. A pickle in the last few days linked to Mark Bittman's quick recipe for them. That said, I imagine you could substitute this. (This may be closer to the Indian lemon pickle.) Hmm, a pickle of a pickle?
nutcakes January 9, 2011
sorry it wasn't lemon water.. it was lemon, water, etc I will know when I try it I guess, but if I was wrong I could take it back before I open it.
pierino January 9, 2011
Without actually seeing it, it sounds pretty close. The main components for preserved lemons are salt and lemon juice. "Lemon water" is probably just a weak translation. But in any case ought to be an acceptable substitute in the recipe.
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