What can I use to make a layered crab stack salad. Recipe that layers greens, avocado,mango and crab in approx. four inch round by five deep

The salad or stack is layered in a form and then lifted off to create a stack, what can buy.



702551 November 29, 2015
I would just use waxed paper and tape, double layer the paper for more rigidity.

Slice or cut away before serving.
Picholine November 29, 2015
I was just checking Amazon as I have a prime membership Susan, thanks. Lambchop, I am evaluating that and I also heard you can use a piece of custom cut PVC pipe...wonder if Home Depot has odds and ends.
Dona November 29, 2015
You can buy pvc at Home Depot, they charge $1 per cut. So, pretty inexpensive.
Susan W. November 29, 2015
Amazon has lots of different ring molds. One came with a spatula and a tamper to push the food down. I love the idea. They even have a square one which would be cool, but it was fairly small.
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 29, 2015
Can you find a food can in that size and cut the top and bottom off for a mold?
fitzie November 29, 2015
Try Bridge Cookware in NYC. They have quite a few molds and may be able to help you. They have a web site and you can google them.
Nancy November 29, 2015
In the 80s and 90s tall, stacked food was popular in restaurants and among some home cooks.
Have a look at this article and the cookbook it mentions, and at restaurant supply stores for the rings they used to make the stacks.
Picholine November 29, 2015
Thanks, nice to know retro may be returning. A restaurant near me serves grilled eggplant stacks that are amazing as an appetizer. I'm ready to rock with some retro stacks.
Picholine November 29, 2015
I'm sorry, these are individually plated. Here is a sample photo.
Nancy November 29, 2015
Glad to help.
Another idea - if you can find cans with sealed edges top & bottom (as opposed to the ones with a sealed top and a rounded bottom), empty their contents into food-safe containers & remove the ends. Then use the cans as molds, but be careful of sharp edges.
ChefJune November 29, 2015
A clear glass dish would allow the colorful layers to provide decoration on your table, and whet the appetites of the eaters.
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