How long can you keep salmon defrosted in the refrigerator?

  • Posted by: Kelly
  • November 30, 2015


scruz November 30, 2015
usually if i can't get to something for a meal, i will either marinade and put back into fridge or better yet, bake it. while it might not be the recipe or use you wanted for a meal, you can always reserve it to serve over a salad. i always buy more fish than we eat for a meal because i love left over fish for a lunch salad. salmon and especially its fat, is highly perishable and prone to off flavors pretty quickly. i wonder if not cooking it shortly after defrosting will affect the texture? anyone have any ideas on that?
LE B. November 30, 2015
The best advice you'll ever get on storing fish in the frig:
If has saran packaging, remove and wrap in paper.Put it ON a bed of ice and keep in the bottom rear left corner of the frig.2-3 days. Ditto meats and poultry. I can't tell you how amazing that technique is; changed my life. really.
Susan W. November 30, 2015
Still tasty says 1-2 days. I agree. Fish is very perishable.
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