Can I start salting salmon while it is still frozen?

Melanie Wong


Melanie W. November 13, 2017
I did also think it would speed up the defrosting process but didn't know if it through the fish for whatever reason. I did have the fish fresh at first and plans didn't work out so I ended up freezing it unfortunately.
pierino November 13, 2017
Not really a good idea. The salt will slow down the defrosting. It's better to allow it to completely defrost, pat dry with a towel and then coat with salt. Fresh salmon is much better for this.
Greenstuff November 13, 2017
My gut reaction was that I didn't like this idea much, but I was thinking of how salt would speed up defrosting! (Freezing point depression to chemists;think salting roads and sidewalks to melt ice in the winter for the rest of us.). My thought was that it could make a bit of a mess, but I'm not totally convinced it wouldn't have a good end result.
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