I've made this through step 3, 2 days prior and it was great. I would love to make this 4 or 5 days prior, again through step 3. Then day of, fini...

...sh and cook noodles, etc. Do you think it will "keep" for 4 to 5 days before finishing



Kristen M. December 1, 2015
It should be just fine, but any longer than that and I would freeze it (it freezes nicely).
NotTooSweet December 1, 2015
Thank you Kristen. I didn't think of freezing it - so glad to hear that is an option. Is it okay to finish the recipe before freezing, or should I still make through step 3 and finish with the thickening the day I serve? This site has been such a lifeline for me - can't thank you enough for all the help!
Kristen M. December 1, 2015
It's fine to freeze the recipe in completed form—you might just want to tweak the consistency and flavor once it's thawed and re-warmed. If it looks thin, reduce it down; if it looks thick, add a bit of water or wine, then taste!
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