Can I make this a day ahead? Will it keep overnight and be just as yummy the next day or do I have to make it day of dinner party?



Brette W. December 23, 2012
I would think you could definitely make the bourguinon ahead, but maybe only through step 3 - then, before serving, you could reheat it and mount it.
DAVILCHICK December 26, 2012
Just wanted to report back that I made it the day before through Step 3, as you suggested, and then reheated, thickened and served. It was stupendous! Great dish! Thanks again!
DAVILCHICK December 23, 2012
Thanks ATG117. I wasn't sure if the shrooms and onions would get all soggy or not. Pasta definitely do right before but I wasn't sure if the 'stew' would be great or limp.
ATG117 December 23, 2012
I would make the pasta the day of, as close to the time of serving. (Be sure to season the pasta water well!) As for the bourguinon, no reason no to make it in advance.
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