This recipe serves 4. I want to make a larger quantity for a potluck, but when I quadruple the ingredients, I come up with 4 lemons, 3 cups of par...

...mesan, 6 cups of breadcrumbs and 2 cups of EVOO. Doesn't that seem out of scale? Advice

  • Posted by: Darlene
  • December 2, 2015


drbabs December 2, 2015
I read through the comments, and it seems like there's extra dressing in the original recipe, and that some people cut back on the oil. (I prefer about a one to one ratio of lemon juice to oil in most dressings, so to me there's a lot of oil in the dressing.) I think how much of the cheese and bread crumbs you add is a matter of taste. Also, you're going to want to pack the ingredients separately and toss them together just before serving, or by the time you get to the party, you will have a soggy mess (she said from sad experience…)
lloreen December 2, 2015
yes, that seems out of scale. You are going to need to taste as you go. I'm guessing 1-2 lemons and less than a cup of olive oil.
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