Urgent soup question

Our soup recipe calls for adding 12 cups of water. But, considering what we've already got in the pot (vegetables + tomatoes + lots of stuff), our pot can only hold 8 more cups of liquid. What do we do?

Sarah Jampel


scruz December 6, 2015
i imagine the answer would also depend on if you are making a thin soup as opposed to a thick soup such as split pea. if thick i think dividing into two pots would work the best. also, you would want to add enough water to cover all of your ingredients.
ChefJune December 6, 2015
I can't imagine that's a hard and fast dictum for 12 cups of water. I'd go with the 8 and add more as the mixture evaporates -- IF you think it needs it. Taste as you go.
scruz December 6, 2015
add 8 and simmer. you are cooking with 2/3 of the water so add 1/3 more water when serving to thin down and you should be fine.
amysarah December 6, 2015
Just put in what it will comfortably hold - soup making is generally pretty flexible. As it cooks down, there may be room to add more water or other liquid.
Sarah J. December 6, 2015
Thanks!! amysarah to the rescue.
Caroline L. December 6, 2015
could you divide the soup between two pots? otherwise, i'd say just add as much liquid as it will hold and thin as needed as it simmers!
Sarah J. December 6, 2015
Thank you!!
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