Any suggestions on how to roast peppers over a flame with only an electric range and oven? I do have several cast iron pans..



Susan W. December 13, 2015
I use my electric broiler for this chore and find the results are almost as good as when I use my mom's commercial gas stove. The difference is minimal.
Ted December 13, 2015
I put a piece of foil under a burner (easier cleanup), and hold the pepper with tongs really close to the burner, almost touching. Takes a bit of time, but works.
Emily L. December 13, 2015
ah didn't think of that, thank you!
boulangere December 13, 2015
I'm in the same boat, Emily. I split peppers lengthwise into halves or quarters, depending on their shape, remove the seeds, and roast them under my oven's broiler.
Emily L. December 13, 2015
great thanks so much!
702551 December 13, 2015
Apart from firing up a BBQ grill, your only option is to broil in the oven, top rack.

Electric ranges give unsatisfactory results for roasting peppers.

My best results have always come from an extremely hot wood-fired grill. I typically use mesquite lump charcoal and I'll roast bell peppers before cooking other things since the huge flames and screaming heat works great. By the time these peppers are roasted, the coals will have calmed down a bit, and I'm ready to cook other things, like corn or meat.

Good luck.
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