Baking the Crust separate from the Pot Pie?

I'm sending a 9x13 pie home with a friend and won't have time to bake, cool and chill. So I can do the filling and chill it (just has gravy poured over cold chicken and veg). Then bake a flat rectangle on a sheet pan, right? What temp and time, 400 till it looks done? Should I pack separately so it doesn't get soggy? Was thinking on a sheet of cardboard or is that too fussy? Just trying to think this through.

  • Posted by: nutcakes
  • December 16, 2015


Susan W. December 16, 2015
How about..let filling cool. Place wax paper, parchment or plastic wrap on the surface. Lay crust on top of that. Wrap the entire dish and carefully send them down the road.
nutcakes December 16, 2015
Did just that in the end with parchment paper.
Nancy December 16, 2015
I did the freeze-raw and give to a friend in mourning for baking later with a casserole and it worked fine. I think you baking separately or Caroline Lange idea of freezing the whole thing both could work. Maybe to prevent soggy crust, if you do Caroline plan, put a sheet of wax paper between the filling and crust, then freeze. Advise friend to defrost in fridge, slide out wax paper and bake.
Caroline L. December 16, 2015
hmm... could you roll out the dough, lay it over the prepared and cooled filling, and freeze it—then give the whole frozen thing to your friend to bake like that? here's a guide to freezing/baking pies:
nutcakes December 16, 2015
No, I don't have room in the freezer for a pan that big. Also I'm not sure I'd have time to freeze it she is only here for another 2 hours likely. Good idea though.
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