can i prepare salt crusted fish in advance

I'm making a salt crusted fish. Can I prepare it and cover the fish in the crust but refrigerate it for a few hours until I'm ready to cook and serve it?

Bill Adelson
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1 Comment

Nancy December 20, 2015
I've made baked salt-crusted fish and it was/is delicious. Don't know about the chemistry of the advance prep. In normal situations, salt draws moistures out of other foods. In the crusted baking, the salt coating hardens and keeps the fish moisture in. I wonder if - without the heat that turns salt into crust - it might both take moisture out of the fish and add (possibly excessive) saltiness to the taste.
Since making the crust doesn't take long, I would forego the advance prep and hours in fridge with salt, and see if you can steal time from some other part of the meal by advance prep.
Happy to hear if someone with more knowledge knows differently.
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