Making a chicken soup, questions about reheating?

For Christmas day I'm making a chicken soup (veloute based) and I was going to add a liaison to thicken it after but I want to make it the day before. If i make the soup, let it cool in the fridge overnight then add the liaison when i reheat it to serve on Christmas day will it turn out the same?

Emma Parker


702551 December 21, 2015
Don't add the liaison before. Add the liaison when you reheat it, to the portion that is going to be served.

This is the same for other soups with liaisons/emulsifiers like butter or cream. Soup bases without liaisons refrigerate/freeze well.
Emma P. December 21, 2015
So as long as I just add the liaison AFTER reheating the soup on the day, it'll be fine?
702551 December 21, 2015
Yes, that's right.

Restaurants do this all the time, finish the soup to order.
702551 December 21, 2015
Same with garnishes.
Emma P. December 21, 2015
Okay thanks ^_^
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