power outage on christmas

Hey y'all, happy christmas. We've been watching the weather reports in the mountains and it seems like we are expecting a lot of snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. A lot of snow usually entails losing power for a period of time. What dishes could you make using on a gas range/stove top that would be Christmas appropriate? Assume 8 people.

Danielle Wordelman


ktr December 21, 2015
We decided to grill burger and have baked beans and fries for Christmas Day dinner. So we'll be moving the grill out of the snow and into the garage for the festivities. Definitely not traditional, but we decided it sounded good and with little kids around we though low key (and picky kid friendly, we hope!) was the way to go. Make Christmas cookies ahead of time and then cook whatever you can and don't sweat it because in the end everyone will just enjoy being together. And you might get a few good stories out of it too!
We used to always have oyster stew and chili (for the crazy oyster stew hating folks). Neither of which require an oven. Since it will be cold and snowy, soup/stew might be nice. Maybe bake some bread ahead of time and serve it with salad.
scruz December 21, 2015
haha. sounds like my upcoming holiday. where we are going, the oven has been out of order since before thanksgiving. so, christmas will be cold cuts and salads and dessert. one family member insisted on having crab louie's until someone informed him of the unavailability of fresh crab in california. along with the oven outage, there is now a leak in the family room. we just put a new tv in the family room to be able to watch photographs and movies of trips etc. it should be interesting to see how people respond to camping out in the family house! hope that menu helps!
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