Making Fudge...

So I made fudge for the first time a couple days ago, sw cond milk and 2 c choc chips, mini marshmallows and golden grahams- it was a s'mores fudge recipe. By the end of the afternoon and it was set the golden grahams were completely stale and I feel like the fudge is inedible and gross now!:( What the heck! Did I commit a classic fudge blunder? Or is there a way to incorporate crispy add ins like this? I was just surprised to follow a recipe that failed so terribly.

Jennifer W
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1 Comment

Susan W. December 27, 2015
That's disappointing, but yeah, I don't see the Graham crackers holding up. When I've made that, I have always layered it. Graham cracker crust, baked, topped with fudge with a marshmallow topping. You can even toast the topping with a torch or maybe a broiler, but I haven't tried the broiler.
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