Need suggestions for decorating a lemon cake with confectioners sugar icing now that I've used up all my lemons for grated zest in the cake and icing!

Recipe calls for lemon zest curls in the very center of the cake. I don't have any fresh fruit to use and it needs a bit of color. It's for a friend's 70th b'day tonight so I don't think rainbow sprinkles will work! Lol!

  • Posted by: Geni
  • March 19, 2017


creamtea March 19, 2017
Serve slices with compote of dried apricots (for the tartness) or frozen berries; flaked coconut; decorate with sifted powdered sugar. Or, there's still run out and buy a couple of new lemons for a lemon sugar glaze: 1/4 cup strained juice, 1/3 cup granulated sugar. Poke cake all over and pour over.
Geni March 19, 2017
Thanks creamtea! Berries are a good idea!
kath1 March 19, 2017
Go outside pick flowers, leaves, buds.... I don't know where you are or what is growing but there must be something. Non toxic of course. Or carrot curls if you are really desperate.
Geni March 19, 2017
Kath1, As I sat here reading your quick (thank you) response, I thought "It's still winter here!" then I realized I was sitting right in front of my beautiful blooming orchid with big, gorgeous, yellow and white flowers.........perrrrfect! Thanks so much for making me just stop freaking out and look around!
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