Roast Turkey breast in a slow cooker

Due to a newly-scheduled doctor's appointment, I'm no longer going to be in the house to roast my 2.5-pound turkey breast in the oven. Any suggestion on how long to leave it in the slow cooker? Can I just halve the time recommended for a bigger breast?

  • Posted by: Diana
  • January 5, 2016


Diana January 5, 2016
Susan W. January 5, 2016
I don't remember exactly, but it was under 3 lbs. I sliced onions and played them on the bottom of the slow cooker. Salt and peppered the turkey. Then played it skin side down on top of the onions. Put a few slices of butter on top of the exposed turkey so it melts over it as it cooks. It's much different than oven roasted turkey, but it was flavorful and moist.

Another method that I've used on chicken thighs may work really well. Oil, salt and pepper. Cook on low with skin side up for around 6 hours. No liquid added. The chicken skin actually gets crispy. I think this would work with Turkey and would be more like oven roasted. If you can, let your turkey sit in your refrigerator uncovered overnight so the skin can dry out.
Diana January 5, 2016
How big was your half breast? I'm planning this for tomorrow, so I have time to do it properly.
Susan W. January 5, 2016
You would need to cook it on high which I really don't recommend. Can you wait and have it tomorrow instead? I did a small half breast and I think it took six hours on low. The slow cooker I used runs a bit hot even on low, so your mileage may vary.
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