Can you turn it in the pan instead of using the oven?



702551 January 14, 2016
I think she means if the pancake can be flipped in the pan to cook the top side rather than letting the oven toast the top.

My guess is that it can be done, but the success rate may largely be dictated by the cook's dexterity in flipping large soggy pancakes still full of liquid batter. By sticking it in the oven, you are removing that the variable of an extremely skilled pancake flipper.

If you do try this, it would probably work best by using an identically sized pan (preheated and properly greased, of course), clamshelling the two and flipping over. You may need to accept the risk that pancake will stick on the part that intended to be the top, thus damaging some of the aesthetics.

Frankly, I don't think it's worth the effort. I'd just shove it in the oven for the recommended 10+ minutes. Plus, you will be cleaning two pans instead of one. Sounds like a wasted effort.
Nancy January 14, 2016
There doesn't seem to be a turn in the recipe. Would you perhaps rephase the question...
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