Edible Valentines

Looking for suggestions for a Montessori pre school class. Thanks



702551 January 17, 2016
The easiest would be nougatine/marzipan but a lot of Americans don't dig this almond-based preparation.

Second choice would probably be some cookies with icing. Use various decorations for the appropriate look/message. Since they are pre-schoolers -- some of whom may lack dexterity -- I suggest having cookies in various holiday-appropriate shapes and given assistance in piping icing onto the cookies.

I'm rather surprised that your school's staff doesn't have any recommendations. This sort of school enrichment activity has been going on for well over a century.
luvcookbooks January 17, 2016
Susan, I was a preschool teacher in another life and always terrified of accidents (saw a few). Perhaps this wouldn't be a problem. I have seen similar designs, super cute.
Susan W. January 17, 2016
Oh, I don't blame you. I suppose it would also depend on the age. Could be 2 or almost 5. Big difference. Not a lot of details came with the question. In my head, it's a very small Montessori class with good supervision making these for a loved one. I could be totally wrong.
luvcookbooks January 17, 2016
Do you want an edible Valentine that doesn't have a lot of sugar? Sugar cookies, of course, are fun to bake and decorate. Knox blox can be cut out with heart shaped cookie cutters and aren't too sugary if made with juice instead of Jell-O, Sandwiches can be cut out in heart shapes. All sorts of things, really. If you look on Pinterest, there are many beautiful plates of food that can be made according to a theme for children. Here is one: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/494903446531213107/ Bento supplies sometimes have a heart mold for eggs and/or rice. Sounds fun!
jane.coombs88 January 17, 2016
I have a Trader Joes cookbook devoted to lunches. The entire section is dazzling. Nonetheless, it is tame compared to other photos I have seen where the Tokyo moms get up early to make the lunches and compete with other mothers.
Susan W. January 17, 2016
Have you done dirt cakes? So fun. Tiny pots with instant pudding on them, crushed Oreos on top, plastic flower and a gummy worm to top it off. You could use all red flowers and add little heart candies to Valentine it up.
luvcookbooks January 17, 2016
I'm always frightened of a child trying to eat the plastic flower. Don't know off hand what to substitute, tho. Is there such a thing as gummy flowers?
Susan W. January 17, 2016
I've been involved with many a preschool dirt cake assembly, but I've never seen one child try to eat their flower. I'm speaking of the kids making these as a project, but maybe I'm not understanding.
Nancy January 17, 2016
If you have the skills and patience, you can make edible flowers out of marzipan or royal icing.
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