Valentine's Day Confections

For Valentine's Day this year, I made Candied Chocolate covered Orange Peel. Takes time but so worth it. It is a family favorite that everyone looks forward to. What is everyone making for Valentine's Day? I'd love to try new recipes. BB

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Windischgirl February 15, 2017
At her request, I made an assortment of Madeleines for my daughter's birthday (the 19th). Once the care package was mailed, we enjoyed the rest of them for V Day. The dark cocoa ones were especially tasty.
MMH February 12, 2017
Last night I made Alton Brown's "Homemade conversation heart candies" with my teenager & some friends. It was a blast. I purchased the food safe pens he suggests & they had so much fun writing messages on them. His recipe calls for flavoring from either jello or food coloring & extracts. We used the extract & color method. Our hearts were green lime flavor, pink peppermint, purple mint & blue raspberry. I had 5 teenage boys & girls making them in my kitchen on a Sat night!!
MMH February 12, 2017
Here's a sample
Lindsay-Jean H. February 13, 2017
Love these! On my list to try sometime for sure.
Dona February 12, 2017
Made cookies with my granddaughter today
Lindsay-Jean H. February 13, 2017
What a fun day and the cookies look great!
PieceOfLayerCake February 12, 2017
I made traditional éclair, individual moelleux au chocolat with a knob of ganache spiked with "breakfast" gin....and lemon-cardamom sablé with a sugar window pane infused with rose. These were for customers since working in a bakery tends to pare down the novelty of Valentine's Day a bit. :)
Lindsay-Jean H. February 12, 2017
Lucky customers! (and thumbs up to "breakfast" gin, ha!)
BerryBaby February 12, 2017
Maybe chocolate truffles? Love how easy and delicious these are to make. So many flavor options and coverings from cocoa powder, nuts, sprinkles. Any chocolate dipped dried fruit is tasty and again, easy. One of my new favorites are chocolate dipped dried figs! :) BB💕
Lindsay-Jean H. February 12, 2017
Hard to go wrong with truffles, and chocolate-dipped dried figs sound delicious!
Lindsay-Jean H. February 12, 2017
Have you settled on anything else to make yet? Given the cookbook club's focus this month, I think I might be making pie!
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