Re herbs in olive spread: fennel and oregano? how much?

  • Posted by: Pearl
  • January 24, 2016
Vegetarian Muffuletta
Recipe question for: Vegetarian Muffuletta


QueenSashy January 25, 2016
Pearl, I just checked the recipe and it looks like the omission was fixed, 1 1/2 teaspoons each.
702551 January 24, 2016
Internet recipe copy editing QC is unbelievably atrocious. I'm not singling out Food52, it is appalling everywhere.

Normally, when a recipe anomaly is found online, it is recommended to directly contact the author because it alerts that person that the recipe may be incorrectly written in some or *ALL* of the places the recipe was posted (cross posting recipes on the Internet is commonplace these day). In this case, this was written by a Food52 recipe tester, so this might be the primary posting location.

The oregano ingredient line item is completely missing. Until the author pipes up, I suggest 0.5 tsp.

As for the fennel seed, the recipe states 1.5 teaspoons.
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