I'm planning on making cauliflower-crust pizza. Can I dry out the riced cauliflower in the oven?

Every recipe I find says to wring the riced cauliflower in a dish towel to get moisture out, but I'm wondering if I can spread them on a cookie sheet and have them in the oven at a low heat, like 250-275, instead.

Would that burn the cauliflower? Would it make it not possible to make the crust with them?



DeeAnn L. August 4, 2018
What about using a food dehydrator? It requires some planning ahead, but couldn't you use that?
SKK February 9, 2016
I tried another method to dry out the cauliflower that worked amazingly well. After running through the food processor, spread the cauliflower in a skillet over medium low heat and stir every couple of minutes to release the steam. Took about 15 minutes, and then I was ready to mix with ingredients for the crust.
Susan W. February 9, 2016
Great idea. Trying it!
Jona @. February 6, 2016
Oh this is perfect timing. I have just been obsessing over cauliflower crust pizza the past coupe of days. I actually first tried it a few months ago and did try to get the moisture out. The result wasn't that satisfying for me. This time I did't do that, just added eggs, lots of parmiggiano and 2-3 table spoons of flour ( I used amaranth). The result is amazing, check it out yourself here https://www.instagram.com/p/BBXVUrTi-j6/?taken-by=assortedbites :) I'm uploading the full recipe on the blog assortedbites.com
SKK January 28, 2016
Yes you can use the oven. I too read the recipes and wondered why wring the cauliflower in a dish towel after baking and then add moisture again. The method I used was to bake the riced cauliflower (riced it in the food processor) in oven at 200. When it was dry and started to barely show color, I took it out and mixed it with ingredients to make crust.
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