Would two 10 ounce packages of chopped spinach work or does it need to be leaf spinach? Since you chop up the spinach after cooking, thought I wou...

...ld skip a step if possible.

Laurie Colwin's Creamed Spinach
Recipe question for: Laurie Colwin's Creamed Spinach


Diana B. January 29, 2016
I was just looking at this recipe (you had me at "Laurie Colwin") and it just calls for two packages of frozen spinach - nothing further is specified (leaf v. chopped), so I think you're good to go.
NotTooSweet January 29, 2016
Thanks Diana B! I saw that the spinach was to be chopped after cooking which is why I assumed they were calling for leaf. However, I'm sure it will be fine to use the chopped and just wring the water out really well as amysarah suggested above. Thanks so much for the advice - love Food52!
amysarah January 28, 2016
Sure, well drained (really wring that water out of it.) I've made creamed spinach and spinach gratins many times with frozen chopped spinach.
NotTooSweet January 29, 2016
Thanks amysarah! My main concern was about volume of spinach - but I guess it would be pretty close regardless of which type I use. I'll wring the heck out of it and I'm sure it will be great.
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