Looks great. Will bake for a fund raiser. Do you suggest baking in a water bath?

Stanley Maleski


Em January 31, 2016
A good rule of thumb is: if it has a crust, it doesn't need a water bath. The crust will diffuse the heat of the oven and keep your custard from curdling.
owl January 31, 2016
I made this without a water bath after a soggy disaster with another recipe. The nice thing about this recipe is that even if the cheesecake cracks, the sour cream topping will cover them up.
foofaraw January 31, 2016
If you do water bath next time, you can prevent soggy crust by put the pan on a sheet of aluminum foil and fold the foil sides up so it becomes like a wall around the pan. Fill in water below the lowest Al foil 'wall'. It works great for me, and the foil can be reused for another cheesecake too.
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