I'm consider Key Lime instead of Meyer Lemon for this cheesecake. Anyone tried subbing a different citrus in this recipe?



Hilarybee November 3, 2014
I did make it with key limes and it turned out beautifully tart. The only changed I made (aside from the use of lime) was to sub almond windmill cookies instead of biscoff cookies. I made this cheesecake last year with blood orange it was good, too. In short, this is a very flexible recipe.
ChezHenry November 2, 2014
A couple of thoughts. You could also change out the biscuit base for graham crackers, and make it a thoroughly "key lime" kinda cheesecake.
I find meyer lemons to be sweeter than regular lemons, and key limes to be sweeter than regular limes, but they have different characters and sour notes. The recipe calls for 2 Meyer lemons, but they are much larger than key limes, and I find juicier, so you're going to have to figure out the conversion, I'm thinking you'll need 4-6 key limes. The sweetness factor would be my concern, but perhaps you're looking for a more "mouth puckering" key lime type of experience.
Susan W. November 1, 2014
I think that sounds delicious.
drbabs November 1, 2014
I haven't, but that sounds great.
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