Help with an adaptation, please.

Hi Lucy, this cheesecake has become my all-time favorite dessert! I’m hosting a party for 50 and would love to adapt this recipe to make cheesecake bites/bars. Just wondering if you have any ideas or suggestions on if that is possible? No worries if not just thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask, and since this recipe does improve overtime, I suppose I could just bake a bunch of them. Thank you so very much, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Finch


Elizabeth F. February 10, 2022
Brilliant! Thank you so much for your timely and thoughtful responses! I’ll wait to see if the author responds and if not, ill do a test run of one of your ideas. The party’s not till May, so there’s plenty of time, and if you happen to be in San Diego then, come on over! 💕
Nancy February 10, 2022
Glad to help! Thanks for invite!
Nancy February 9, 2022
For your total party of 50, make 5 sets of original size batter each of which serves 10
They will fill, in all, about 5 1/2 times of the square pan or about 4 1/2 times of the rectangular or lasagna size pan.
Bake the approximate half recipe in a 6-count muffin tin or a small (about 6" round) baking pan.
Nancy February 9, 2022
While waiting gor recipe author, here are a couple ideas.
Bake a single recipe in a 9x9x2" pan (one cups less than original volume) so you'll have a very full pan or a little left over.
Or, bake a single recipe in a 13x9x2" pan (one cup bigger than original), so you'll have a cake with less height, or need some batter from a second batch.
Then, when cooled, cut in squares or rectangles for setving.
Nancy February 9, 2022
Waiting for recipe author...
Rectangles for serving...
Elizabeth F. May 15, 2022
The bars turned out great! Doubled the crust recipe for a 9x13 pan. Had leftover filling which I froze and hope will be yummy in something else later. I used enough parchment to hang over the sides. After baking, lifted it out by the parchment and onto a cutting board. Used a sharp blade rinsed in warm water for each cut. Used cute cup cake liners to serve. Of course, they were a hit.
I wrote this reply once and tried to upload a photo, but something went wrong and I lost the whole thing. No worries, the photo really didn’t show much.
Thank you so much for all your adaptation advice with this! The bars were perfect!
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