Pomelo. Treat like an orange or a grapefruit?



pierino January 13, 2011
Closer to grapefruit. Actually if you section it, it matches well with sliced fennel.
vvvanessa January 13, 2011
it's more grapefruity, though significantly drier, especially at the membranes. i cut mine into segements leaving the tough membrane behind. i'm always astounded by how much peel and pith there is in relation to how much edible fruit it yields.
AntoniaJames January 13, 2011
Pomelo is actually a cousin to the grapefruit (an older cousin actually). Its skin is much less bitter than grapefruit. In fact, I'll be posting a recipe using pomelo, I hope, this weekend. ;o)
gingerroot January 13, 2011
Peels like an orange (thick skin), can be separated into segments like an orange, tastes much more like a grapefruit - although I've enjoyed pomelo that was much sweeter than any grapefruit I've eaten. It is also uniquely dry - usually I open each segment, remove and discard segment skin/membrane and enjoy the fruit on salads.
hardlikearmour January 13, 2011
I haven't had one in a while, but if I remember correctly the membrane is bitter like a grapefruit.
puresugar January 13, 2011
I'd say grapefruit, but let your taste guide you.
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