I asked the lady at the Chinese grocery store (all I had nearby) which skins to buy for gyoza and she pointed me to the potsticker skins which are...

... much thicker than won ton skins - do you think I should run out to get won ton skins? Also, gyoza skins are typically round - and the photo here is square. Tx

  • Posted by: Maia
  • February 7, 2016


JIN February 11, 2016
Great! I am glad you had fun :-)
JIN February 8, 2016
Hi Maia. I recommened using gyoza or wonton skins. Thicker skin will needlonger to cook, and would not be as delicate and crispy as original recipe. I used round gyoza skin, you can see the photos I took if you click the arrow. Photo of square ones were taken by Food 52 community. :-) I also have a friend who used square wonton skins and it worked out fine I hear. So you can use any. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions, enjoy!
Maia February 8, 2016
Thanks, Jin. I doubled the recipe and one batch was wonton (thin, square) and one batch was potsticker (thick, round) based on what my local Whole Foods and Chinese market had in stock - so we had a potsticker / wonton "show down" :) I also made half the batch with the wonton skins where you bring the four corners together (sealed with water) and baked them in a mini muffin tin to keep their shape. Those were good if you like a one-bite appetizer with more filling to wrapper ratio. I also made some of the wontons as triangles. The potstickers ended up more chewy - but easier to press the fork tines into. I think most people preferred the wonton skins as they were crispier. Everyone said the lemon really added a nice zing.
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