Can i use a recipe for 8-inch layer cake to actually make a 4.5-inch layer cake and pour remaining batter into cupcake tins?

I know to adjust cooking time for the smaller cake pans (and then for the cupcakes as well). What i'm asking is if I need to change anything about the ratio of ingredients? Can I just prepare the batter for the 8-inch layer cake as stated and pour it into whatever smaller size cake pans I want? My plan is to make a 4.5-inch layer cake, and then just pour remaining batter into however many cupcakes it fits. (This weird plan is actually for a baby's "smash" cake, then figured I'd just have some leftover cupcakes for us parents!).

  • Posted by: Bee42
  • February 18, 2016


Nancy February 18, 2016
If you're making a whole recipe, no need to adjust ingredients.

PS For those of us who not in the know, what is a smash cake...
Bee42 February 18, 2016
Thanks, for the tip and reassurance, Nancy! Smash cake is certainly not a culinary/baking term! :) Kindof silly actually, but a smash cake is a whole, tiny cake just for the baby on their first birthday, so that they can dig in, explore, eat and basically "smash" the cake themselves.

Then you can have a separate cake or dessert for others. But the baby gets their whole own decorated cake. It's really just for cute pictures and such I guess (in my case, I love to bake and own the 4.5-inch cake pans already, so I figured why not - and i'm totally going to eat the smashed scraps anyway, ha!).

Nancy February 18, 2016
Thanks for definition, Bee - sounds oh so cute :) - happy birthday to all!
Courtney C. February 18, 2016
That would work fine - I frequently use a recipe for an 8-inch layer cake and make it into either cupcakes or with smaller cake pans. Just make sure to test the cake and cupcakes separately to make sure they are done - I have sometimes cooked my smaller cakes too little and they have fallen apart when they come out of the pan. Have fun!
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