I bought a Pomegranite and have no idea how to prep it. I was going to add the seeds to a salad or vinegrette. How do you get the seeds out most effectively?

  • Posted by: CaryNC
  • January 14, 2011


sheredel January 15, 2011
be very careful not to splash the juice on white window curtains like what I did!!
iuzzini January 15, 2011
Or cut it in half, squeeze it slightly (this sort of loosens things slightly) and then tap it with a spoon (cut side down) over a bowl as the seeds come tumbling out! Read this in a Jamie Oliver book I think and it works beautifully!
Bevi January 14, 2011
I learned to bang out the seeds with a rolling pin after slicing the pomegranate in half - ala Nigella.
casa-giardino January 14, 2011
After cutting it, remove the membrane and seeds will fall out.
hercarrot January 14, 2011
Hi there! I just happen to have a very easy technique and recipes!
HERE's a link to de-seed that POM, simply! http://wp.me/p15ytG-c6

& HERE's a link for a few recipes!
1) Gingerly Spiked Cranberry/POMs: http://wp.me/p15ytG-gO
2) Spelt and POM bkfast or snack: http://wp.me/p15ytG-h6
3) POM's tossed in quinoa breakfast:http://wp.me/p15ytG-ga
4)Lime and POM Sparkling water:http://wp.me/p15ytG-lt
3)Toss the seeds in yogurt!
SpecialSka January 14, 2011
Fantastic Mr Fox beat me to it! I was going to suggest same, which I have not yet tried but saw on YouTube. Previously, I did these steps without submerging the pomegranate in water. It's doable, but messy, especially if you have a juicy pom. A good one is totally worth the trouble, though.
Fantastic M. January 14, 2011
Fill a large bowl with tepid water.
Cut the pomegranate in half.
Take one half and, holding it over the bowl, force out the seeds by breaking up the pomegranate shell.
Everything falls in the water...seeds sink, other stuff floats.

As demonstrated here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qfQ3_N7S6Y
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