When using cardamon pods, do you only use the seeds or do you also use the shell/pod part?

I am making Asha Gomez's fancy weeknight chicken. I crushed the pods as instructed, but I can't find anywhere that says if you also add the pod/shell part with the seeds. Going off that, at the end of the recipe, it says "take care to remove the cardamon pods", does that mean the seeds or the seeds and the pods/shells if I'm supposed to add them?

Veronica Park


Nancy April 25, 2017
When making something where you want the flavor and won't be eating the spice, I leave the pods and seeds in. Examples: brewed coffee, milk flavored to use as part of a dessert.
But if the spice will be eaten (e.g., cake or cookies), I crush the pods roughly, remove them, then mash the black seeds into a powder.
Nancy W. April 25, 2017
After crusing the pods with the side of your knife (really to just crack it open) add the whole thing to the rice. Remove the pods after cooking the rice. They are fiberous and not very pleasant in the mouth. The seeds inside the pods will likely disitengrate into the dish, adding flavor when you cook it.
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