Looking for a recipe for a caviar dip that has concentric rings with eggs, creme fraiche, onion...

My friend's mom used to make for parties in the 80s and it was so good...you take a cracker or chip and slide it towards the center where the caviar is. I just can't remember what all was in it. Thanks

  • Posted by: Laurie
  • February 28, 2016


KateSlim March 23, 2023
This layered dish combines egg salad and caviar appetizer together with other great toppings like cream cheese and crisp onion. Your first step would be to prepare an egg salad (eggs, mayo, sour cream), put it on a plate, top in with onions, then spread mixed cream cheese with chives, and finish the dish with caviar on the top. After a few hours in the fridge, your dip is ready for serving.
702551 March 1, 2016
There's a strong possibility that this isn't a written recipe per se, but simply a dish presentation.

Caviar has some traditional condiments: crème fraîche, chopped hard-boiled egg yolks, chopped hard-boiled egg whites, red onions, chives, capers.

You'd just put a bunch of concentric rings on the plate and fill up each discrete zone with a different ingredient depending on what you personally felt was the right proportion. The caviar -- as the expensive ingredient and focus -- would be in the center, but everything else could change positions. Of course, you could make some rings more narrow and other rings more wide to control the amount of ingredient or provide visual interest.

You really don't need a written document to do this. Just find a bunch of metal rings of different diameters and put whatever ingredients you want on the plate.

You could do the same thing with nacho dip (salsa, sour cream, guacamole, beans, etc.). I've seen a striped version of the nacho dip before.

Note that this type of presentation requires a certain amount of "buy-in" or acceptance by the diners. If someone doesn't like dairy, they will try to avoid that and all of a sudden, a clean orderly "scoop" is over.
Laurie March 1, 2016
Thanks — I think you're right but wasn't confident in my proportions. I made it with caviar and that center, then creme fraiche, yolks, onion, whites, capers. It was a hit. Next time I think I'd put creme a bit further out so there's more.
Bevi February 28, 2016
It seems you could use these directions as a guide, but use the creme fraiche instead of of cream cheese. Parsley or dill might be nice as well. http://familytime.com/Recipe/ShowRecipe.aspx?RecipeId=8111
Dona February 28, 2016
Caviar Pie
Dona February 28, 2016
Maybe this will work. If it doesn't, Google mother would know caviar pie
Dona February 28, 2016
HTTPS ://motherwouldknow.com/caviar-pie-html/
Something like this?
Laurie February 28, 2016
Kind of except all the elements were separate and set next to each other in concentric rings. Thanks!
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 28, 2016
Sounds like a Martha Stewart recipe to me. http://www.marthastewart.com/1095192/egg-and-caviar-dip
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