Anybody have Hamburger Teriyaki recipe?

My mom used to make this in the 80s and 90s but has lost the recipe. I'll try rebuilding it from memory, but thought I'd ask here first. The flavors were mixed into the patty, not glazed with teriyaki sauce. I remembered she kept dried minced onion just for this recipe. She served it with yellow rice and green peas. She was a good cook but not a creative one so I imagine she got the recipe from some publication.



HalfPint March 11, 2020
I don't have a recipe but I have a vague memory of something like what you described. The closest thing I can think of is teriyaki meatloaf. Search for Hawaii teriyaki meatloaf. It's not glazed, has teriyaki sauce added to the meat mixture. Worth a try.
Nancy March 11, 2020
Another way to search: there are various sites that give favorite dishes by decades.
And then some have links to recipes or cookbooks for those dishes.
Fun, nostalgic, sometimes useful.
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