Using sour cream instead of creme fraiche for a crostata?

I was going to make this recipe for a crostata, which calls for 1/2 cup creme fraiche for the filling:
The problem is, I cannot find creme fraiche anywhere in my local grocery stores. Would sour cream work as a substitute? Would it curdle? Is there something else that would work better?



Nancy May 14, 2021
Yes, sour cream (same volume as creme fraiche in recipe) will work. Or yogurt (also one to one).
Or half whipping cream and half either sour cream or yogurt (this will have a fat %age closer to the original).
adria1458 May 14, 2021
Thank you!!
Nancy May 16, 2021
PS A few more thoughts. The sour cream, yogurt or whipped cream mixture with one of them MIGHT curdle if a lot of heat is applied to one of the alone. But as it is part of a filling with the vegetables and cheeses and an egg, I think they will temper it - as in a quiche filling - and bake just fine.
adria1458 May 20, 2021
Thank you! I made the recipe a few days ago and it came out great. :)
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