A question about a recipe: TV Dinner - Salisbury Steak

I have a question about the recipe "TV Dinner - Salisbury Steak" from Kevin Hunter. The onion and garlic aren't in the instructions. I'm assuming they're added in with the mushrooms?

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  • Posted by: Liz C
  • March 6, 2016
Recipe question for: TV Dinner - Salisbury Steak


Sam1148 March 7, 2016
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702551 March 7, 2016
Well, luckily the recipe author saw your comment on the recipe page and answered your question: the onions go with the mushrooms.

Here at Food52, I've learned that the recipe author is notified by e-mail of recipe comments, but that may not be the case at many other sites, so you are still advised to contact the article author directly to clarify inconsistencies.

It is curious that this recipe does not follow the conventional practice of listing the ingredients as they are used in the chronological order of steps.
702551 March 6, 2016
When you see a discrepancy with a recipe online, it is best to contact the recipe author directly. That alerts the person that there may be errors *WHEREVER* the recipe has been posted (cross-posting recipes is commonplace these days).

You can also search the Internet for the same recipe elsewhere, to see if the discrepancy is resolved at another site. It probably isn't for this particular recipe, but that's a basic rule of thumb (not just here at Food52).

Based on the order of ingredients, my guess is that the onion is mixed with the beef, like the garlic, Worcestershire and other explicitly noted components.

Good luck.
702551 March 6, 2016
It's worth pointing out that user-contributed recipes are often *APPALLINGLY* bad in terms of copy editing. This isn't a specific dig at Food52, it is the same at pretty much any website that accepts reader contributed content.

Once you spend some time on the Internet, you will notice that a lot of information presented is downright atrocious in terms of accuracy.

And guess what? It has been getting worse over 20+ years I've been on the World Wide Web.
Liz C. March 6, 2016
I now see the garlic is in with the sirloin. Still missing the onions.
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