Rutabaga caponata--how should I serve? What white wine can stand up to it?

I cleaned out the fridge and used my last rutabaga to make this recipe from Saveur I made it once before and cannot recall how I served it, but I do recall liking it. I am thinking I'll have it as a snack with bread and cheese, but I am stumped on what kind of wine can stand up to both rutabaga and the balsamic. I prefer white. Any ideas?



Valhalla March 18, 2016
thanks--yeah I was thinking something a little on the sweet side, but I am rubbish at strange pairings like this.
chefjune, it is a case of creative naming to be sure, but it is actually quite good!
Emily |. March 18, 2016
Oh if you like a bit of sweetness I bet a Gewurztraminer would be nice!
Emily |. March 17, 2016
Reviewing the recipe with its warm spices, it may also pair well with a German Riesling or an Austrian Gruner Veltliner.
ChefJune March 17, 2016
I cannot imagine calling anything made with rutabaga "Caponata," but I'd probably choose a sturdy Italian white like Verdicchio. I've served that with regular Caponata.
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