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The butcher said my 1 1/2 inch thick, center cut, bone in pork chops have a solution in them containing salt. How much should I reduce the a

Brining pork chops

asked by mickle 10 months ago
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HalfPint is a trusted home cook.

added 10 months ago

if the chops have been treated with a brine solution already, then you don't need to brine them. Just don't overcook. And remember that revised cooking temp for pork is 145F.

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added 10 months ago

Are you asking about how much salt to then add to the dish?
I would probably leave the salt out altogether and just sprinkle a bit on top when plating the chops. This has the potential to not taste salty initially (salt cooked into foods seems to vanish to our taste buds) but trigger major water cravings after the meal.

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added 10 months ago

mickie, remember that salt is a SEASONING; technically, you can add it any time during the cooking of the dish. So, as usual, you need to taste your dish before serving it, and if the dish needs salt or another seasoning, you can add it at the end.No worries.