Waffle maker or iron?

After almost 5 months living in the Usa I think is time for me to learn the art of waffle making. Now, an electrical waffle maker or a more fancy and vintage waffle iron?

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ritagorra March 24, 2016
I have used both. The best waffles need to be crispy on the outside, and cooked through but not dry in the center. The electric one I used didn't get hot enough, so I prefer the one I can flip with the temperature gauge in the handle. Use a good recipe too. If it says it can be used to make pancakes too, DON'T do it. Alton Brown has a good recipe. As an aside, the professional ones that flip in the "do it yourself" breakfast bars at some hotels work great!
LeBec F. March 24, 2016
Try doing a 52 search in various categories, using 'waffle iron' because there have been 52 features. Do same on Serious Eats. You want electric and you want a "two part clam design" and the advantage to the newer ones is that the majority are non-stick which, for anyone who grew up having to scrape gunk off an old-style waffle iron, much more fun. You'll want to also think about how many you want to make at the same time (so fewer people have to wait impatiently. after all, waffles often/usually are the first food of the day.) Some of the newer ones make 2 waffles simultaneously.
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