Looking to buy a waffle iron that makes great waffles quickly. Recommendations?



angiegeyser February 6, 2012
This is what I have and I love it. It has different settings for how crispy or dark you want your waffle and it beeps when it's done so there's no guessing. It makes perfect waffles every time.

cranberry February 5, 2012
Well, I've never tried a cast iron one but I got the Calphalon No-Peek waffle maker for Christmas this year and I LOVE it. I have used it several times already and it makes perfect waffles.

As an aside, a friend suggested using it as a panini press as she does (which of course will leave different markings on the sandwich). I plan to try this soon.
sarah K. February 5, 2012
I have cast iron waffle pans that are two separate pieces. You heat them up on the burner of your stove, (or campfire!) and slip them together after adding the batter. It takes a tiny bit of practice, but the waffles are crispy and take about 1 minute per side, once they are heated properly. And if you get 2, like I did, you can get going pretty fast. http://www.amazon.com/Romes-1100-Fashioned-Waffle-Iron/dp/B000BWCTL0/ref=cm_rdp_product I think this is the model referred to above.
Sam1148 February 5, 2012
I'd go on ebay and look for vintage waffle makers. The kind with a cast iron griddle. Some are really beautiful with chrome finish and well seasoned grates. However, the wiring can be tricky on the older models so pay attention to it when it's plugged in. Or replace the powder cord and put in some new better wires your self. An easy job with just a screw driver. Just look at the power cord and consider replacing if it's cracked or shows signs of heat damage.
abbyarnold February 5, 2012
Cool! hadn't heard of the Presto. I would love to see a comparison that says "waffles done in 3 minutes" or something. My current Black & Decker takes at least 5 minutes and quality is inconsistent. The flip feature seems to be a good idea.
Mr_Vittles February 5, 2012
"First, this machine is quick compared to my other waffle iron. Waffles using a basic recipe are done in less than 3.5 minutes. " From a review on Amazon.com.
Mr_Vittles February 5, 2012
Sorry, the Villaware seems to be out of production. Shame as it really was quite fantastic. This one by Presto seems to be the next best thing.

Mr_Vittles February 5, 2012
Go old school with a cast iron model. It takes a bit of time to heat, but once its at temperature, it will churn'em out! Or go new school with the Villaware Uno, Alton Brown, rated it the best on his show GOOD EATS.

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