I put uncooked stew meat in a pot pie recipe when i was suppose to cook it before i mixed it with the rest of the ingredients. Now what?

  • Posted by: Andy
  • March 24, 2016


Hector L. March 25, 2016
Just bake it and change the name to Pink Pot Pie if or Pot Pie Tartar, depending.
ChefJune March 24, 2016
I'm afraid you will have to disassemble the pie and cook your meat before you can make the pie.
Andy March 25, 2016
Thanks for the info. I picked the meat out cooked it reassembled the pie and baked it right away. Tasted like normal.
C S. March 24, 2016
Can you take it back out and cook it? Did you put it in a crust already? If so you will need a new crust. The meat will need to be cooked before it is baked, you can cook it with the vegetables although they may get soggier than what you had hoped for Good luck.
Andy March 25, 2016
Thanks for the help. I hadn't completely assembled the pie so I saved the crust!
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