Can individual sized stromboli be frozen before baking, to be baked and eaten at a later time?

I'm making these:
And if they will do fine when frozen, do you have any tips for what to do before freezing, and when thawing and baking?
Finally, would there be any difference in quality were one to make traditional large ones instead?
Thanks so much. ;o)

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1 Comment

Susan W. March 31, 2016
They freeze beautifully. Just don't paint with egg wash or olive oil (my favorite). Freeze for a few hours on a parchment covered sheet. Wrap in plastic wrap (aren't you the one who hates plastic?) And then foil. Defrost overnight and bake as usual. My daughter went through a phase of eating nothing but stromboli in kindergarten. We had a freezer full at all times. Lol
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