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What in the world can I do with lion's mane mushrooms?

I have some lion's mane mushrooms, a 2010 Kelham chardonnay and a huge reason to celebrate. What do I do with the mushrooms, though? I picked them up on a whim because they were gorgeous and I wanted to try something new, but now I have no idea what to do. Since this is for a celebration I am open to anything no matter how ridiculous and decadent. Your genius is appreciated as always.

asked by epicharis 8 months ago
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added 8 months ago

I've never cooked with them, but apparently they are very meaty and also boost intelligence, stamina and happiness!
So, really knowing nothing about how to cook them, I picture a super wide fresh pappardelle with a buttery white wine sauce and lots of these mushrooms, sautéed.

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Susan W

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added 8 months ago

I hadn't heard of them so I turned to Chef Google. What a treasure you found. Perfect for a celebration.