Tips on getting mung bean noodles to clump?

Hello all!
I'm making Vietnamese 'Bun Dau Mam Tom' and am trying to get my mung bean noodles to clump together after I cook them, so I can cut them up with scissors into 'cakes' for dipping.
I've had luck with this in the past, but now am having trouble. The only strategy I have tried is 'overcooking' – boiling for ~5-6 minutes instead of the suggested 3.
Most people are interested in making sure noodles *don't* clump together, but in this case my noodles are just too disassociated.

Any tips?? Thank you!!

See the noodles in this photo for reference

Gareth Rose
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702551 April 9, 2016
The photo resolution is too small to be of any use.

While I've never tried it myself, you might try to cook a batch of noodles in water to which a small amount of baking soda has been added.

If I recall correctly (maybe a Serious Eats article?), adding a little acidity to pasta cooking water helps with sticky pasta so I'm guessing the opposite is true.

Good luck.
HalfPint April 8, 2016
Try this:
-Soak uncooked noodles in water (cold is ok) to soften slightly and drain well. Noodles should be damp but not dripping water.
-Cut noodles into shorter lengths for easier handling
-Toss noodles with potato or tapioca starch to get a light coating on the noodles
-Grease a pan with some oil. Spread a noodles. Steam until noodles are tender and cooked.
- Cut into cakes for dipping.

Or try steam the noodles in a pan.
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