How long should bagels proof after being formed?

I am following the recipe for Homemade Bagel by Kenzi WIlbur and Step 7 reads "Repeat for all of the bagels, then lightly oil them and cover with plastic wrap. Put them in the fridge to proof overnight. Invite guests over for brunch." Is there an actual time measurement for "proof overnight?" If I sleep in tomorrow will my bagels be OK?

  • Posted by: Jenny
  • April 9, 2016


latasha September 30, 2018
bagels should be what diameter after proofing
Nancy October 1, 2018
No set diameter.
As with most breads & rolls, after the rise they should be roughly doubled in size and slightly springy to the touch.
Susan W. April 9, 2016
To me, overnight is 8-10 hours. Because the dough is refrigerated, and because it's a Kenai recipe, relax and trust it will go well. Oh...also have someone at the ready to stop and buy bagels just in case. You are brave to try a recipe for bagels on guests before you test it.
Susan W. April 9, 2016
Kenzi..not Kenai.
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