I wanted to package chocolate chip cookies to give as a gift. However, the there were grease stains on the pretty boxes. How do you avoid this when

packaging baked gifts???

Stephanie G


John J. April 10, 2016
If the cookie tastes good, who cares? Some of the most delightful foods have stains in the bag. Think doughnuts, burgers, frites, fish.
BerryBaby April 10, 2016
Love giving cookies to friends and have found cellophane bags tied with ribbons to work well.
QueenSashy April 9, 2016
Some other options include tin boxes or transparent cookies bags. Bags are especially good if you are gifting smaller quantities and they look pretty with colorful ribbons and paper tags.
ktr April 9, 2016
Tins are also a good way to share treats back and forth. I have several family members that I will sometimes bring treats to and the tins (or tupperware) often get returned filled!
ktr April 9, 2016
Either line the box with wax paper or parchment paper, or use a box with a waxy coating on the inside.
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