Will you be my SCOBY friend?

Hi food 52ers! After years of considering it, I think I'm finally ready to give kombucha-brewing a shot. Before buying a kit online, I thought I'd give our lovely community a shout - do any of you (maybe even in the Austin, TX area) have a SCOBY available that I can start with?

Also, I've read through Sarah's guide (http://food52.com/blog...) an embarrassing amount of times, but any additional words of advice (even, "it's totally worth it!") are appreciated too! :)

Thanks all!

  • Posted by: byb
  • April 12, 2016


702551 April 19, 2016
Check your local events listings. There's a regular SCOBY/kombucha class in my town every month or two, and one of the bennies is a SCOBY that you can walk away with. Plus one has guidance from an expert and can make connection with other enthusiasts.

I've never attended the class myself, but if I were interested in this topic, this is way I'd go rather than read a bunch of blogs on the Internet. My two cents...
Susan W. April 20, 2016
Which "blogs" are you referring to? Kombuchakamp is not a blog and I'm certainly no blogger.
Susan W. April 12, 2016
I've been where you are. I felt like my first Kombucha brewing adventure was like discovering the moon. Have you thought about making your own SCOBY? It's incredibly easy, but I also understand if you aren't ready.

I learned all I know about booch brewing from www.kombuchakamp.com. The site is amazing. It's so full of information and encouragement. I also bought my first SCOBY from them.

Ask me questions. I'm sure I have lots of tips, but it's been a while since I've brewed any so I need prompting. :)
byb April 12, 2016
Oh wow!! I honestly hadn't even considered making it (I didn't know it was that easy!). I like that idea and may give it a shot. Thanks for the site and support! I'm sure I'll come up with more questions as I get going :)
Susan W. April 12, 2016
Very easy. Just make sure the Kombucha that you start your SCOBY with is raw and unflavored. The more weird sediment in the bottle the better. Have fun.
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