Looking for vegetarian/vegan meals while camping!

I'm trying to plan out my meals for a 5-day camping trip over Memorial Day Weekend. I haven't done any meal planning of this kind since I've become a vegetarian and I'll have some who prefers to eat vegan with me on the trip. We'll have a charcoal bbq, dutch oven, propane griddle, and a campfire to cook our meals. Any suggestions for wholesome, delicious, adventure-friendly breakfasts, lunches, or dinners?!

Kayla Reopelle


susan G. May 1, 2016
See if you can find 'Simple Foods For The Pack: More Than 200 All-Natural, Trail-Tested Recipes"
by Claudia Axcell and Diana Cooke and Vikki Kath and Bob Kinmont. I think everything in there meets your needs. Many of the recipes entail making up a dry mix, then finishing at the site with basics and fresh ingredients. It's good for inspiration!
Kayla R. May 1, 2016
Susan G, that book looks fabulous and it's available at my local library! Thank you for the tip!
lloreen April 28, 2016
I've been infatuated with pumpkin seed dip ever since returning from the Yucatan. It's quite high in protein and iron, both of which you need while hiking, and can be eaten with veggies, pita, chips, or crackers. You'd have to make it at home, of course, but it would keep fine in a cooler for several days. http://www.rickbayless.com/recipe/yucatecan-pumpkinseed-dip/
If you bring little tupperware containers, you could take it with crackers on hikes.
Also these vegan granola bars would be great for breakfast or on a hike https://food52.com/recipes/22107-five-minute-no-bake-vegan-granola-bars
dinner A. April 28, 2016
Pumpkin seed dip is a great idea for a hiking snack! I love that stuff, and will definitely do this for climbing trips this summer.
This made me think of muhammara, also a substantial vegan spread. This is a very good recipe: http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1017492-muhammara-red-pepper-and-walnut-spread
Kayla R. May 1, 2016
I'm loving all of these dip ideas! Lloreen, that pumpkin seed dip seems like it would be great slathered on some bell pepper slices too! I've been wanting to try to make those vegan granola bars for a long time, this seems like the perfect opportunity!

Thank you too dinner at ten for the muhammara link, I have never heard of it before! Do you know where I could buy pomegranate molasses?
dinner A. May 2, 2016
If you live near any Middle Eastern-focused grocery stores, they will almost certainly have pomegranate molasses; the Whole Foods stores near me stock it as well. At worst it's easy to find online.
Cathy R. April 27, 2016
Mushrooms and onions with any other veg in a foil pack. Filling and yummy and very simple
Kayla R. April 27, 2016
Thank you Cathy! Foil packs are a must!
dinner A. April 25, 2016
Based on your cooking equipment, it sounds like you'll be car camping -- so bringing heavy foods won't be a problem?
Either way, I bet socca would be really great made in a skillet over a fire or grill. There's a good recipe here (http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2009/06/socca-enfin/), but instead of broiling as in the recipe, do the whole thing over a hot flame, flipping the socca to cook both sides (this is how I do it, often on an electric skillet on my porch in the summer). Great with a salad, if you'll have a cooler, or some sturdier vegetable if not.
Tacos are pretty easy to do while camping, as are simple pasta dishes.
When I'm backpacking, I'm very very fond of ramen for dinner (the packaged but not instant kind). You can spiff it up with tofu (dried or not), mushrooms (same), green onions, etc.
For lunch, I like to bring the very dense Northern European style of sliced rye/multigrain bread (such as Mestermacher makes). It doesn't stale very fast, is sturdy and flavorful, and tastes good with lots of toppings such as avocado, fresh goat cheese, and baba ghanouj. I also like tamari almonds as a snack/lunch supplement for hiking.
Kayla R. April 27, 2016
These are all fabulous ideas dinner at ten, thank you for your response!

You are correct! We'll have cars on our site, so heavy foods aren't an issue.

I haven't heard of socca before, but this looks amazing! We'll definitely track down some chickpea flour to bring with us! I love the rest of your suggestions as well. I hadn't considered tacos or Mestermacher, but those will certainly be incorporated in our meal planning!
ktr April 27, 2016
We always bring pita bread with because it doesn't get beat up as quickly as a loaf of bread does, and it takes up less room in the pack. Most of the time for day trips we just bring the pita bread, some peanut butter and honey. Not very exciting but it gets the job done and is light to carry.
Bascula April 25, 2016
It might be good to bring some couscous with you, mixed with bouillon or salt and some dried veggies - simply pouring on boiling water would cook this quickly. Add chickpeas or other beans and there you go. Also take some oats with you for breakfast along with dry milk for the non-vegan. Isn't there a kind of tofu packed in a carton that doesn't need refrigeration? That would be a good protein. Or bring some regular tofu in a marinade and grill it on the griddle.
Kayla R. April 27, 2016
Those are a great ideas Bascula! Reminds me of a healthier, diy ramen packet. I think silken tofu is the type you're thinking of. I haven't used it much before, but will look into how to cook it! Thanks for sharing!
pierino April 25, 2016
Quinoa packs light and it's full of protein. Depending on where you are going you can forage for greens: river banks are good but pack some sort of field guide. You don't want to be eating poison oak.
Kayla R. April 27, 2016
Thank you pierino! Hearty grains are a great idea! I hadn't considered foraging, but now hope to bring a guide with me to try my hand at it!
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