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So a mouse died the back of our oven, but before it did it pulled all of the insulation over to one side to make its nest (when we pulled the oven out to investigate the rotting flesh smell that happened every time we ran the it, we discovered that the oven was also beginning to burn a hole through the adjacent cabinet due to the lack of insulation!). Needless to say, I am in the market for a new slide in gas range. I've never had anything but a cheapie oven so I don't even know what'd features to look for - this time we're looking to spend up to $2K. Recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Kristen W.


Kristen W. May 4, 2016
Well thanks, all! Boy did I go down a rabbit hole of gas range research! I wound up finding a VERy good price on a 5 burner slide in Bosch gas range. It was between that and the LG double oven (it was hard to let go of those two beautiful brilliant blue ovens!!), but the Bosch had a whopping 11 inches between burners on the same side, which beat every other 30" range - including the slide ins - that I looked at in terms of stove top real estate, which was a big priority for me. The cooktop is stainless, which I understand is hard to get pristine looking, but honestly, I'm not so much of a sparkling-clean-stovetop kind of a gal anyway. I'll just call what remains on the stovetop battle scars. Anyhow, I am terribly excited - currently I have no oven and only two burners are working properly on the stove (it was on its way out anyway), and our microwave has just died a frightening death (in which all of its lights went out but when we opened it the plate was still turning and it kind of sputtered and groaned at us). We must have done some terrible things to kitchen appliances in a past life! Anyhow, thanks again - I am SO looking forward to having this range!
mainecook61 May 3, 2016
Oh, I do sympathize! I once had the same experience with a stove beloved by mice.
I have had a GE combination gas/electric (oven) for about 5 years now and have been very pleased.
Zane May 3, 2016
I have a LG gas range which is very nice. I would suggest that you get one that has a black cook top, which hides the dirt and grease better than stainless steel. I also suggest that you purchase one that has heavy grates that lock in place on the stove top. By locking in place I mean they don't move off of the burner when you slide a pot off or on. Some stoves have light wire like grates which move to easy, and I believe are not safe.
Windischgirl May 3, 2016
We were briefly in the market for a new range (until 3 college tuition bills appeared). The GE Profile and the LG--both gas--seemed highly rated.
I thought I wanted a range with a double oven until I saw one. The upper oven is a pizza/cookies/muffins oven, anything flat that can be made one at a time. The lower oven, for anything big, like a turkey, is soooo low I'd have to get on my knees to pull the pans in and out. Imagine trying to lift a hot 25-lb turkey sloshing around in fat and pan juices, from a kneeling position. It seemed like an ER visit waiting to happen.
Kristen W. April 30, 2016
Ah, never mind - I just researched this a bit myself and it sounds like (as always) if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. :(
Kristen W. April 30, 2016
Cool - thanks so much for checking! Actually, after doing some research I have discovered that my dream range is a GE 5 burner slide-in with a double oven. It's out of our price range but I've found it available from an Amazon third party seller for a LOT less. I'm nervous about buying it from a third party seller though (although the seller's rating is very high). This is a little outside the purview of the hotline, but I wonder what you all think. It's about $1000 less than the best sale price I've found anywhere else - does that make it suspicious? Curious what you all think!
Kristen W. April 28, 2016
Abbie, we were thinking of a slide in as opposed to a free-standing range in order to maximize stove top real estate, but the double-oven option is very enticing to me (plus an oven with a blue interior is extra fabulous, though in light of recent events purple would perhaps be even better!). Hard to find a slide in with a double oven, so I'm wondering if your stovetop is big enough to handle two 12" fry pans on one side? I can't do it on the old stove.
aargersi April 29, 2016
I just got my 12 inch skillet out to check - for sure there is room for its twin
Summer O. April 28, 2016
This is a great question, it's maddening to buy an appliance blindly. I'll add I would avoid a range with a black surface. I struggle to keep mine as clean and shiny as I would like. Maybe someone has a suggestion for cooktop cleaners while we are on the subject?
aargersi April 28, 2016
I have an LG 5 burner double oven that I ADORE. We bought it 4 years ago to accommodate all of our TDay cooking, so I know for a fact that the lower oven can accommodate a 24 lb turkey if you remove one rack. The upper oven heats quickly and is great for roasting things on sheet pans and quick summer baking.
Also the insides of the oven are blue which makes it more better :-)
Kristen W. April 28, 2016
Thanks for the input - it was very helpful!
scruz April 26, 2016
a couple of things have made my life easier. we bought our ge profile almost 10 years ago. not only does it self clean, but the racks can be kept in for cleaning by the oven. the entire top has grates over it (3 sections) which i love, but the grates are heavy. the grates and burner caps are grey which show stains and burnt on stuff and gradually the spills are permanent. i would have much preferred them to be black. we had one ignitor (the electronic part that lights the broiler and oven) go out and we looked it up on the internet, bought the part and replaced it our selves (part was expensive but repairman would have added on top...we felt so good about this repair). ours has a drawer on bottom for sheet pans/lids but it is pretty shallow. in general, i love this oven/stove and it was expensive but the best stove i have ever had.
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 26, 2016
Maybe this month's recent overview of gas ranges will help:
Kristen W. April 26, 2016
Thanks Lindsay-Jean! Truth be told the range was on its way out anyway, but the vermin issue hastened the process. This is our second kitchen appliance rendered unusable by a mouse - maybe we should invest in a cat! BerryBaby, I although the appliance people are knowledgeable and a resource I will use, serious home cooks have a different perspective than a salesman that I think would be valuable - that's why I put the query out here as well. As for my needs, I am a working mom who mainly needs to put tasty, nutritious meals on the table for my family. I don't need a professional range, but I care about the quality and consistency of my meals I'd like the best quality range I can get for our budget.
BerryBaby April 26, 2016
There are many great brands but it really depends on your cooking needs. I'd suggest consulting with an appliance store specialist. I use a Jenn-Air but have also had GE stoves that I loved over the years. Good luck!
Lindsay-Jean H. April 26, 2016
Ugh! I don't have any suggestions for you (as my oven is decades older than I am), just chiming in to say that I am so sorry. Hopefully a fun shiny new oven makes up for the massive pain!
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